grond van liefde

Grounded Love

Love made visible in standing our ground. You can find us anywhere around the globe. We are holding space in ceremonies, study groups and journeys, to celebrate and manifest reality in these challenging times.

Grounded Love is founded by a group of people who live the truth of their hearts, with divine consiousness. We are connected with the source of the Church of Love, defined by the Cathars, the wisdom of indigenous peoples and most of all connected with our own source of sovereignty as a human being.

In our ceremonies and programs we invite people to enchant their lives and work, with unconditional love, in sincerity, to create together a world where we want to raise our children. In connection with nature and our own nature and full potential as a human being. Grounded Love. Love made visible and manifested in all her aspects.


In 2019 Noor Bongers started a journey to the Heart of Love. It was a deep felted desire years ago, to get to knów the source of Love and enchant it in the world as we know it. Together with a group of outstanding women, she hosts ceremonies. To keep the source of Love open in these remarkable era. To raise the global consciousness.

Together with Pika Nendissa, Nynke Vos, Emma ter Smitten a.o. people we provide the foundation for a group ca 25 men and women, who host programs based on Grounded Love.

Place of Ceremony

“It does not exist as a fixed form, but only by mutual agreement of people. It has no members, except those who feel they belong. She has no competitors because she does not compete. She has no ambition, because she just wants to serve. It does not draw borders, because love does not limit. It does not shut itself off or encapsulate itself, for it seeks to enrich all groups of religions. She respects all the great teachers of all time who revealed the truth of love.

Whoever belongs to it practices the truth of love with all his being. Whoever belongs to it knows. She makes no attempt to educate others; she just tries to be and by giving her being. She lives in the knowledge that the whole earth is a living wisdom and we are part of it. She knows that the time of the last turnaround has come: going back to unity within our free will.

It does not make itself known with a loud voice, but works from the free domain of the true being. She bows to all who lit up the way of love and gave their lives for it. It does not allow any order in its ranks, nor any elevation of any human being in its midst, for one is not greater than the other. She does not promise any reward, either in this or any other life, only living in the joy of unconditional love.

Its members recognize each other by the way of acting, by the way of being, by the way of the spirit of love glances in their eyes and by no other outward gesture than the fraternal and sisterly embrace. They have neither fear nor shame. And their testimony will always be true, in both good and bad times.

The Church of Love has no secret, no mystery, and no initiation, except a deep inner knowing of the power of love, because the world will change when we humans want it. But only because we are the ones that changes themselves first.

All who feel they belong to the church of love, they do.”

Katharen anno 1148


You can find us anywhere around the globe. In big or small ceremonies, around campfires, exploring these times. Always recognizable, always approachable. You are welcome.

With Love.